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The Vanity Of Self Loathing

Kristen • 19 • Gemini • ENFP • Cat Mom •In Love • Feminist • Bisexual

My ginger phase was so cute

What do I do???

fuck I was just going through pics of when I had red/orange hair and ugh I’m so tempted to go back but it takes forever to get red tones out of my hair so if I changed my mind it’s be a pain in the ass

it was suh cute :’(

Stop calling me “someone’s daughter”.
I’m someone.
That should be enough reason not to hurt me.

—Ragehound (via girl-violence)

(Source: ragehound, via jedgica)

me to aedan everytime I go back home

(But he’s conscious)

(Source: kpfun, via storybrookland)